The Project

As the driving force behind the economy in Canada and the Niagara region, SMEs prove to be truly vital to our future success. In order to sustain the same living standard for the future generations, SMEs must increase their productivity and innovation. Regional research reveals that the three most important sectors in Niagara are food processing, industrial products, and machinery & equipment. As a result, this project aims to assist SMEs in their efforts to reach their full potential.

The Plan

This project and its research on business innovation and productivity of SMEs in mid-sized regions (including Niagara) will provide the following:
Insight on local economic development in mid-sized regions
Mechanisms for building and tracking productivity among SMEs
Short films and other educational tools for the future generation
Direction and suggestions for intervention and public policy
Resources to assist in SMEs in their scaling activities
A framework for understanding the challenges and prospects of SME entrepreneurship
Hands-on help to SMEs

The Methodology

We believe in mixed methods approach combining both a quantitative portion of the data that will consist of statistical analysis (comparing Niagara to two similar regions); and a qualitative portion that will consist of a combination of semi-structured interview questionnaires, focus group discussions and content analysis.

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