The Partnership

Scale Up Niagara is the by-product of a three-way research partnership formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in June 2017 between Brock University’s Niagara Community Observatory, Niagara College School of Business and Niagara Workforce Planning Board.The Scale Up research deliberations grew into a larger network under the co-leadership of the directors of Niagara College’s Productivity and Innovation Lab and Niagara Community Observatory to collectively undertake a project on “the Ecosystem of Small and Medium-sized Business Innovation and Productivity in Niagara.”

The Partners

Partners of this Scale Up Niagara Research Network project now consist of:

    • Niagara Community Observatory
    • Niagara College’s Productivity and Innovation Lab
    • Niagara Workforce Planning Board
    • Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce
    • South Niagara Chamber of Commerce
    • Niagara Connects

    Each of these partners has made a commitment of financial and in-kind resources to this project. Our core value as a research network is to be inclusive, and in this regard, one of our key goals is to extend the partnership to include other actors as the project unfolds.

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