Memorandum Of Understanding

The Niagara Community Observatory and the Productivity and Innovation Lab have been brought together through a memorandum of understanding signed by Brock University, Niagara College, and our project supporter the Niagara Workforce Planning Board. This MoU outlined key objectives and goals for a truly beneficial partnership that will benefit the greater Niagara region. This project coordinates and synchronizes the efforts of both organizations, thus maximizing their reach and impact for the Niagara region. The research done will be crucial for politicians and industry players in shaping future policies, programs, products, and services.

Niagara Community Observatory

Brock University launched the Niagara Community Observatory in mid-2009 for the purpose of fostering, producing, and disseminating evidence-based research on current and emerging issues within the Niagara community. The Niagara Community Observatory as such acts as a public-policy think-tank for the people of the Niagara region. As a think-tank, the Observatory engages in research on both its own initiative and by working with other organizations. The expertise available through the University allows the production of non-partisan research to be shared by the diverse elements of the community. The Observatory seeks to help community members who may be facing the same issues from a multitude of perspectives.

Productivity and Innovation Lab

Business productivity thrives at Niagara College’s Pi Lab. Founded in 2013 for the combined purpose of helping Canadian SMEs and providing a hands-on learning environment for students, Pi Lab is cultivating productivity gains as a liaison between government, academia and industry. Consistent progress has been made through impactful team work by the School of Technology and the School of Business. Together with Pi Labs expertise, they have leveraged existing talents to explore new offerings to benefit the Niagara region. Strategic partnerships with leading venture capital firms and investors have provided Pi-Lab with the necessary resources and services to maximize the potential of new and upcoming start-ups. Pi Lab provides Niagara’s SMEs with consulting services focused on productivity, strategy, branding, market awareness, culture and innovation.

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